To the Membership of the ATJA,

In the 15 years that the ATJA has existed, there has never been an increase in the cost of membership. Unfortunately, due to the rising costs of insurance, the ATJA will raise its ues $15 for annual memberships. We, the board of directors did not make this decision lightly and found it necessary to continue as an organization.

There is a silver lining to this scenario. The 5-year membership, though raised in price per year will now give a 20% discount, meaning that any member who signs up for the 5-year membership will receive 5 years for the cost of 4 years. This will add up to tremendous savings for those who take advantage of a 5-year membership.

Despite these increases, we are still the national organization with the lowest membership costs: USJA: $75 Annual: USA Judo: $60 (Juniors), $100 (Seniors): USJF: $70 (Juniors/Seniors). There are no club fees for an ATJA Club, and to become a Chartered Club in the ATJA all you need is 5 members.

The ATJA still has the lowest fees for promotions both Junior and Senior of any of the organizations. Shodan Promotion or Validation is $75, NIdan and higher Promotion or Validation is $100. There is no comparison to the other organizations. Please note that whether testing for promotion or validating a rank a physical performance in front of Rank Examiner(s) is necessary and required.

Each member receives a physical membership card with their photo on it, dates of membership, additional information such as rank and date of rank, as well as Background Check, Safesport, and CDC Concussion certifications (when applicable).

Below you will find a breakdown of the memberships and fees.

Junior Annual Membership (16 and under): $35
Junior 5-Year Membership: (16 and under): $140: Regularly $175 if paid for on an individual year-by-year basis

Senior Annual Membership: (17 and up): $55
Senior 5-Year Membership: (17 and up): $220: Regularly $275 if paid for on an individual year-by-year basis

The 5-year discount represents tremendous savings to those who take advantage of it and can make the commitment to the ATJA.

I highly recommend that as many members as possible take advantage of the 5-year discount, and that every ATJA club encourage all of their participants in Judo and Traditional Non-Competative Ju-Jutsu to join the ATJA.

Charlie Schweizer
ATJA President