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    Tom Reiff

    Discussions with respect to ATJA Jujutsu.

    Ben Bergwerf

    We need to set up a process for Jujutsu validation (like USJA?)


    It would be nice if you told me that information out.

    Pete Contardo

    The USJA Standards aren’t what they used to be.
    The don’t follow their By-Laws, and have completely dismissed their Ethics and Standards.
    Please review the following;

    Deborah Fergus, former USJA BOD
    Appears the selected J… Mafia of the USJA has really gone off the deep end. I had not resigned as a BOD member but was removed for questioning the boards unethical behavior, hidden agenda and the President wanting to become the ED therefore (at a 200% increase in pay) he and others on the board have trumped up seriou…s facilities against the office and Goltz went to Florida, fired Michael, wanted him to tell Katrina she was fired, and Robin quit.
    Oh people the USJA has serious issues. Many ethics charges were brought against Goltz and not acted on. Other charges were brought to the Ethics board on others with no action taken.
    I have read back in history and we are in serious doo doo. Take a stand and find out how the USJA is not working for you but for the benefit of a few.
    I will share much more when we are all on board.

    This has been a well planned out attack to remove you and other USJA Board of Directors, (BOD) , so that there would be no resistance to their goals.
    It is evident Mr. Goltz goal was to fire Katrina Davis a 20+ yr. director and her staff to take over the Executive Directors position.
    It’s being said that Mr. Goltz will take over that position and increase his directors pay by 200%.
    The question is with declining membership around 7000 including life members where will the money come from?
    I have been sent letters about Mr. Goltz from individuals that question his professional and personal Ethics.

    1) A signed letter received on Oct 28 2014, Regarding, Circumventing USJA promotional procedures from RCMA Grants Pass Judo,
    Sensei’s R. Andrade, Daniel Dawson, Brandi Ash, Shawn Case, wrote their efforts to promote a student it states;
    “ he declined our efforts to test, and latter contacted Gary Goltz thus, circumventing our efforts to sanction his
    rank in accordance with USJA Standards. Gary Goltz later signed his paper work and promoted him to Shodan.”

    2) A women who had met Gary Goltz at the USJA FL. office in Sept 2014,
    wrote when she first met Gay Goltz, found it a bit odd, that he would grab me and pull me close to his body.
    I found this type of behavior very uncomfortable, and he proceeded to make physical contact, insisted that he take a photo of me,”
    “ and repeatedly made advances towards me and questioned my age.” “he insisted I go to Cuba with him, after he left his office.”
    “ I was married @ the time, and still am, and according to Gary Goltz , he stated, that he was married, but basically had an open marriage.”

    I have Two additional letters;
    One from Justin Weston, Christs Community Judo, Chair USJA Development Fund.
    He states and I paraphrase I and members of the Fund have received pressure from “Gary Goltz to fund Mr Paccione’s girls, I feel that the use of the board position
    should not be used to nudge my results.”

    A Bannon Brightbill, Bulletfulproff Networks, doing IT Consulting for the USJA. He wrote, “Misappropriation Funds”. Goltz instructed me to help Ronald A Charles, “on behalf of the USJA, with any trouble he was having with “judo stamps” websites”. at the expense of the USJA.

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