Documents & Forms

Documents/Forms (PDF) Description
ATJA Articles of Incorporation Articles of Incorporation
ATJA Certificate of Incorporation Certificate of Incorporation
ATJA Bylaws ATLA Bylaws
Background_Screening_Procedures Background Screening procedures
Background Screening Form Background Screening application, required for all Black Belts
Code of Ethics Code of Ethics
Ethics Committee Procedures Procedures for handling ethics issues
Event Sanction Application Form for applying for event sanction
Event Waiver (28K) Waiver to be used at Sanctioned Events
Glossary of Japanese Terms Many English-Japanese translations common in the martial arts
Judo Knowledge and Vocabulary Test Judo Knowledge and Vocabulary Test required for promotion
Judo Knowledge and Vocabulary Test Answer Sheet Blank answer sheet for the Judo Knowledge and Vocabulary Test
Judo Promotion Requirements Requirements for promotion in table form (Points, age, time in grade, etc)
Judo Promotion Application Form Application form for all Judo Promotions
Judo Promotion Point Tables A list of the ways Judo Promotion Points can be earned
Judo Point Record Form A record form for recording Judo Promotion Points
Judo Dan and Kyu Rank Exam The official exam for evaluating the demonstration of Judo techniques
Judo Kyu Curriculum & Exam A sample Kyu curriculum for Juniors and Adults, can be used for Kyu exams.
Judo Promotion Package Package contains all forms needed for promotion
Judo Throws, Pins, Chokes & Locks (Reference) A reference list of Judo techniques.
Judo Referee Rules 2014-2016 Referee Rules 2014-2016
Judo 2014 Referee Rules 2014 Referee Rules (USA Judo) with Comments
Judo Basic Referee (USA Judo) Basic Referee Illustrated Guide by Rick Celotto
Judo Referee Code of Ethics Referee Code of Ethics (USA Judo) By Rick Celotto
Judo Kata Certification Application Application for Kata and Kata Judge certification.
Jujutsu Dan and Kyu Rank Exam The official exam for evaluating the demonstration of Jujutsu techniques
Membership Application Form Application for membership in the ATJA