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This site is for those who
are interested in Traditional
(or Classical) Jujutsu.

Tribute to Virgil Bowles (13Meg)

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ATJA Spring Clinic 2015, Columbia, SC
April 18, 2015

*** ATJA is NOW a USA Judo
Class "A" Organization! ***

Reiff Sensei promoting a student to yellow belt


Our Mission Who We Are:  Our mission is to provide the martial arts and sciences an organization rooted in tradition, innovative to find improvement and committed to preserving legacies through sharing of knowledge, and training of various combat sciences throughout world. In partnership with all like minded organizations, The American Traditional Jujutsu Association provides exceptional training, empowers to view beyond perceived limitations, and embodies the mind, spirit and body of Bushido.

Our Values What We Believe In:  We are committed to being a member-focused organization whose environment is characterized by Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Veracity, Honor, and Loyalty. We are open to all individuals who subscribe to our Values.

Our Vision Where We Are Going:  By living our mission and values, The American Traditional Jujutsu Association will be the recognized leader in the Martial Arts and Sciences, setting the standard by which all will be compared: service, to which all will be measured; and member satisfaction, to which all will aspire. We will be the first choice for a broad range of individual and organizational growth needs.

Breaking News

- 2016 ATJA Spring Clinic, March 19, 2016

- Greatest Camp on Earth, June 23-25, 2016

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ATJA became incorporated March 22, 2010,and became Non-Profit (501-C3) June, 2011.
ATJA became a Class "A" member of USA Judo on September, 2015.